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For nearly two decades, Build By Owner has been constructing custom homes in Manvel, Texas and around the region.

Our exquisite homes have earned praise from satisfied clients, from architects, and from fellow new home builders. This praise has molded our reputation as one of the premier custom home builders in Manvel and Brazoria County.

About Manvel, Texas

Manvel is a small residential city of 8,000 people located in Southeast Texas. Manvel is part of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metro Area which ranks as the fourth largest metro area in the United States. This area includes 10 counties and spreads approximately 60 miles in each direction, covering some 900 square miles.

The town was founded in 1890 when a small group of businesses were established along the local railroad crossings. The population grew to 350 people by 1895. Despite heavy snows and natural disasters that threatened local crops, the town continued to grow through 1906 when there was a small, steady population. In 1930, oil was discovered on a local property by the Texas Oil Company. This discovery led Manvel’s population to increase transforming the small town into a wealthy community.

Manvel is located about 50 miles inland from the Gulf Coast in northern Brazoria County. Manvel is close to all major highways providing an easy commute to downtown Houston which is a short 30-minute drive. Residents can also hop on Highway 6 which runs through the city and travel to Galveston in just under one hour. Manvel’s close proximity to neighboring cities and the greater Houston area allows its residents to enjoy small town living while still having easy access to major cities and amenities.

Curry Road – Manvel, Texas Custom Home

What Makes Build By Owner Different Than Other Manvel, Texas Custom Home Builders?

As the world changes and more and more people rely on their homes for comfort and respite, it is the perfect time to construct a custom Manvel, TX home. It is important to love where you live so that you can find peace and relaxation at the end of your busy days. Whether you work from home or leave to earn your money, it is important that you love and appreciate your time at home. At Build By Owner, we employ several unique standards to ensure the best building experience. These standards include:

  • Support and Communication. A common complaint in the home building industry is the lack of reliable and clear communication between builders and clients. Many builders are simply going through the motions and don’t allot the appropriate time and attention to each project. At Build By Owner, we know that this process is brand new to most of our clients, so we prioritize communication that reflects and respects that. We practice the art of listening to, not just hearing, our customers. You never have to worry that a concern or comment will be ignored, and you can expect the same courtesy when we communicate with the vendors and subcontractors that help us do our job. We have a stellar business-to-business reputation because we put effort into our communication.
  • Personalized Care. We are not a large corporation or chain; we are a small, locally-run home builder in Manvel, TX. This means that you won’t be dealing with large-scale policies or runarounds, and your project will have priority to us. Your building process will be personalized to you and your family’s unique needs.
  • Transparent Policies. Because we are a small business, you can be sure that you will not be interacting with just an employee but the owner directly. You will have access to the highest level of care and expertise that we can offer, so you will never have to doubt the process.
  • Affordability. Many builders charge based on a myriad of different factors, all of which can change. At Build By Owner, we charge you our price, which remains constant and reflects hundreds of hours of research on how to make the building process affordable and accessible. We source many of our supplies from wholesale establishments and hand-select subcontractors that fit into our price model.

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