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Custom Home Consulting & Building- Houston, TX

Build By Owner is a revolutionary home consulting construction company headquartered in the Houston, Texas area. The founder Chris Harrison president of Harrison Builders, who has a bachelors’ degree in construction management, has ironed out the guess work in building a new home. He has put together a new program that will allow the home owner to put equity into their home instead of money in the builders pockets. Along with our staff and our partnerships with local suppliers and subcontractors, we have all of the training and information you will need to successfully build your own home.

Through our proven system, our clients experience great returns on their investment. When used correctly, the Build By Owner system enables you to build a home much easier than if you were trying to figure it out on your own. Our system allows you to manage the site without ever lifting a hammer. With just a few hours a day, most of which is spent on the phone, you can efficiently and effectively manage your job site. Call today and ask us for more information on how you too can save money on your next construction project.

Let Chris Harrison answer the questions you have about us and our program:

Who is Build By Owner?

We are a custom home builder that offers people the opportunity to either have a custom home built for them, or they can save the money a builder would charge, and be their own general contractor. Using our revolutionary system, we take the guess work out of building a home and walk you through every step. We want to help you invest in your future and build equity in your house by assisting you with your building project. We believe that there is no other company around that offers the same quality service that we do.

What do you do?

Our company is here to guide you in all aspects of your construction project.

We are here to help the do it yourselfer that wants to save money and control their own job site. After all, the one that cares the most about this project is you. Building a house on your own can be very scary for the first time home builder, and it can be a very risky venture if attempted on your own. This is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make so it would make since that you would protect your investment and avoid the costly mistakes usually made by a first time builder by choosing a company to guide you through the process. We are confident that with our guidance, you can successfully build your own home. Our company has spent a lot of time and money developing a proven system that takes the guess work out of building a house and relieves a lot of the stress, anxiety, and costly mistakes involved creating a relaxed building project for our client.

What do you provide me with?

We will provide you with all of the information you will need to build a home.
We have done all of the research for you and have put together the best information on everything such as: home plans, financial institutions, cost estimates, builders pricing on material, a material take off, construction schedules, a construction manual, a contractors list, trade contracts, lien releases, and bid forms. Along with this information, we will consult with you throughout the building project.

When should I build?

With interest rates as low as they are and housing prices on a steady climb in our area, there is no better time than now to maximize your savings and secure your investment.
These are a couple of reasons to build now:

  1. With the pull back in other markets, (not Houston) lumber prices are at a 5 year low.
  2. Labor prices have also been brought down a bit lately due to inventory.

Where in Texas can you build?

Here at Build By Owner we let the homeowner build just about any place in Texas. We know that with the written information we give you there will be little guesswork involved in building your home and success will be achieved. If however you want to use our contractors and have our staff do site visits, you must stay within a 45 mile radius of Houston.

If you are outside of our area we can arrange to have a third party inspector look and consult you on your building project if needed. We will still provide you with as much phone support as we possibly can, and if needed we can make a few visits to the property upon request.

Why should I choose one of your programs?

The first and most obvious reason is savings. If you follow our building guide, and stick with one of our proven programs you can save yourself up to 30% off the appraised value of the home. This saving my friends is real money. On average a $200,000 house would cost around $155,000 if our program is used correctly. This number will of course be different for everyone depending on which contractors you use, and how wisely you shop for your material.

When will I start saving money?

If you visit us before buying your property or ordering your plans, we can start saving you money from our first meeting together. There are many people who purchase property that need extensive work done in order to build, or they choose designers that over charge for their plans. We can make suggestions to you about home plan designs that will help you save some money on your construction project.

What about financing?

Because of our reputation for quality and job completion, our lenders gladly loan money to our clients because they know that we will make sure the job gets done. We have multiple lending institutions to choose from to make sure you get the best rate. For owner builders trying to do it on their own without a builder, finding financing one of the most difficult tasks to perform. If you are trying to build in Texas, you cannot get financing without having a licensed builder to sign off on your loan. We offer our clients special programs and rates to help them save even more money throughout the construction project when using our system.

What about subcontractors?

We provide you with a list of quality subcontractors that offer builders pricing to our customers. We do not accept any kickbacks or referral fees from any of our subcontractors, so you pay what we pay giving you much better savings overall.

We also provide you with a list of material suppliers that will offer you builders’ discounts for all material purchased at their store. Every store will have different sales or prices because of market conditions from month to month, so it is wise to shop each of them.

Bottom Line:

We know it is a big investment and you will need to have a lot of trust in our company that we won’t get you into trouble building your home. We have the best and most comprehensive building software and management tools on the market today. If you follow our guide, schedule, and techniques you will be able to build your house both efficiently and cost effectively.

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