Custom Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Each new year brings an exciting set of new design trends for custom homes. While the endless options can seem overwhelming at times, learning about what’s new for some of the most critical rooms in your home can help you make a decision you’ll love for years to come. Review our list of the most popular kitchen design trends for 2021, then contact Build By Owner to discuss how our Houston, Texas custom builders can include them in your space.

Kitchen shelves in place of cabinets in Houston, Texas

  • Single shelves. Beautiful and practical, installing one or two shelves above the countertop in custom homes rather than a set of upper cabinets significantly opens up your kitchen. The effect allows more natural light and can make your space feel twice the size. Line the shelf with your most-used glassware and serving dishes for the greatest functionality, or style it with a collection of art and ceramics for a personal, curated vibe.

Houston kitchen with marble slab background

  • Single slab backsplash. Natural stone will always be a wise choice for a kitchen. Right now, many custom builders are employing this gorgeous material in a refreshing way: using a single slab to create one long, low-rise or mid-rise backsplash. Taller than a low-profile backsplash but lower than the typical tile mid-wall version, this backsplash strikes the perfect balance. Better still, there’s no need to coordinate various heights and multiple cuts.

Katy TX kitchen with full wall tile

  • Floor to ceiling tile. Ensure your kitchen is not only stunning but also easy to clean by having a custom builder install floor-to-ceiling tiles on the kitchen walls. Handmade zellige tiles or patterned ceramic tiles in fun shapes can supply bold visual interest. Meanwhile, subway tiles form a classic, affordable choice that can be stacked vertically or horizontally.

Houston TX kitchen range hood hidden

  • Range cubbies. A range cubby is an architectural feature in your kitchen that holds your stove range while disguising your hood vent. It forms a stylish separation between the stove and surrounding cabinets to give custom homes an even more personalized look. Offering endless customization in terms of size and shape, a range cubby can also be constructed with integrated lighting, shelves, hooks, or other storage options.

Houston kitchen with glass wall partition

  • Glass enclosures. Providing the illusion of privacy while not completely enclosing your kitchen, glass enclosures are a popular choice for custom builders. You can implement this trend in traditional or open-concept spaces by adding an interior window to an existing wall or building a new wall with an interior window.

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Houston Custom Kitchen Design Trends for 2021
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Houston Custom Kitchen Design Trends for 2021
Build By Owner takes a look at new kitchen design trends for custom homes in the Houston Texas area.
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