Custom Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

Custom Houston Bathroom DesignAs 2021 marches along, the professionals at Build By Owner have noticed a number of bathroom trends that have become particularly prominent when designing custom homes. Check out the following list for the most popular bathroom trends of the new year, then contact Build By Owner to learn how our custom builders can incorporate them in your new home.

  1. Wet rooms. Beauty and function combine in wet rooms, which are open, fully tiled shower rooms without a door or tray in the floor. Your custom builder will waterproof the entire room as well as create a gradient along the floor to direct the excess water into the drain. For the ultimate luxury, even in a small space, a freestanding tub can be included in your wet room. These spaces are also ideal for elderly people or anyone with a disability, making it difficult to get into and out of a traditional shower.
  2. Dramatically veined marble. Carrara white marble has been the premier choice for bathrooms everywhere for years now. Still, many homeowners are forgoing this subtle classic in their custom homes and selecting marble varieties with dramatic veining. Consider Calacatta Turquoise for a white stone featuring veins of deep blue-green, caramel, and gold. Or, choose Nero Marquina for a black marble rippled with bright white veining and Rosa Egeo for an unexpected mix of pale pink and ivory tones.
  3. Unusual vanity materials. Wooden vanities are a beloved choice for imparting warmth to all-white bathrooms, but many vanities today incorporate a contemporary twist by including unusual materials. Surface textures such as fluting, cane, or reeded cabinetry retain the classic value of traditional vanities but offer an interesting, unconventional aesthetics. Selecting a unique vanity material provides bathrooms in custom homes with incomparable character and movement.
  4. Tile pattern mixing. Rather than selecting the same tile for the walls, floor, and shower room, many custom builders are now mixing multiple tiles of different sizes, shapes, or colors for an eclectic update. For a sophisticated, European feel, cover the shower with handmade zellige tile in shades of white and ivory while using black and white checkered tile on the floor. If you prefer a more minimal design, choose tiles in different shapes or sizes in shades of the same color and pair with light wood tones and modern fixtures.

If you’re interested in building a custom home that features any of the bathroom design trends outlined above, contact Build By Owner today. Building a home is a substantial investment and choosing an experienced construction consulting company is the best way to ensure you receive a significant return on your investment. Our custom builders conduct extensive research to provide you with all the information you need before your build begins. Then, we’ll work closely with you during each stage of the project. With our expert assistance, you can eliminate the stress, anxiety, and frustration that usually accompanies the custom home building process.

For world-class construction consulting, contact Build By Owner today by calling (281) 337-2336 or filling out the contact form on our website.

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